What is a “Title Loan”?
A “Title Loan” is a loan secured by your vehicle.
How do I apply?
Click here to fill out our online application.
What do I need?

To complete your loan, you will need to bring the following to our office:

  • Vehicle
  • Arizona Vehicle Title
    (If the current loan is not paid off and with another lender, current loan info is very helpful.)
  • Valid Driver License or State ID
  • Four References with Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Helpful items:

  • Proof of Insurance
    (Comp. and Collision insurance info if loan is greater than $2000.)
  • Proof of Income
    (Paycheck stubs, W2’s, taxes, or bank statements.)
  • Proof of Residence
    (Rental or mortgage agreement, utility bill in your name, etc.)
What will it cost me?
*5% per month on the principal unpaid balance. All of our loans are at 60.83% APR.
How long does this whole process take?
With all requested documentation, you’ll have your money in approximately 30 minutes!
Why should I do my loan with Presto Auto Loans?

There are several reasons why your “Title Loan” should be with Presto Auto Loans.

  • Lower Rates
  • Lower Payments
  • Faster Payoff
  • Cheaper
  • No additional fees
  • Presto’s Title Loan payments include both interest and principal.
    Because Presto’s interest is much lower than other companies, Presto’s payments are rarely as high as other companies interest only payments. At Presto, the amount that you owe will keep going down with every payment you make.
  • With every payment on time you pay both interest and principal
    so at the end of the loan term you are totally paid off and we take our lien off your title.
  • No prepayment penalty
  • We report all accounts to all three major Credit Bureaus.
  • Interest is 1/2 the maximum legal rate
  • No vehicle year, model or mileage limitations.

What do our Clients say about Presto Auto Title Loans?

*Compensated Spokesperson