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Why Choose Presto for Your Auto Title Loan?


Lower Rates!

At Presto, our title loans are 1/2 the maximum legal rate.  Nobody in Arizona can offer you a better rate.

Lower Payments

Because our rates are so low, your payments are much lower.  We structure our loans to ensure that they fit your budget.


Faster Payoff

Every payment you make includes interest and Principal.  That means your loan is closer to paid off with every payment, and NO BALLOON PAYMENT at the end of your title loan.


No additional fees, no early prepayment pentalties, lower rates, lower payments and a faster payoff mean more money in your pocket, wallet, piggy bank or couch.  


Improve Your Credit

We report to all three major credit bureaus.  Help boost your credit score when you make your payments and payoff your loan at Presto.