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Auto Title Loan Questions

What is an "Auto Title Loan"?

An ” Auto Title Loan” is a loan secured by your motor vehicle.

How do I apply for an auto title loan?

  • You can apply for a loan online using our convenient online application.
  • Call us at (602) 277-2000 during normal business hours.
  • Stop by any of our Phoenix, Mesa or Prescott Valley loan centers.

What do I need to get an auto title loan?

To complete your loan, you will need to bring the following to our office:

  • Vehicle
  • Arizona Vehicle Title
    (If the current loan is not paid off and with another lender, current loan info is very helpful.)
  • Valid Driver License or State ID
  • Four References with Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Helpful items:

  • Proof of Insurance
    (Comp. and Collision insurance info if loan is greater than $5000.)
  • Proof of Income
    (Online banking information, Paycheck stubs, W2’s, taxes, or bank statements.)
  • Proof of Residence
    (Rental or mortgage agreement, utility bill in your name, etc.)

How long does the process take?

Once your application is completed, and you provide all requested documentation, you’ll have your money in approximately 30 minutes!

Auto Title Loan Payment Questions

Can I make a loan payment online?

Yes. You can pay online using your debit card through our customer portal.

Can I make a loan payment at any store?

Absolutely.  Stop by any loan center in Phoenix, Mesa or Prescott Valley to make a payment and we can apply it to your loan.

What about reoccurring payments, can I set those up?

Yes.  We can set up your loan for automatic payments to make your loan even more convenient.

What if my payment information has changed?

Contact us right away to provide your updated debit card or banking information.  We will not be able to apply payments if the information we have on file has changed, which may cause late fees or collection fees.

Presto Auto Title Loan Advantages

Arizona's lowest rates on title loans:

Presto Loan Center’s oofer the lowest rates for title loans in Phoenix and all of Arizona.  Cut your rate and start saving today.

Lower payments than the competition:

Because our interest rates are so low, your payments will be much lower than what they would be with a competitor, based on the the legal rate in Arizona.

Payoff your loan faster:

Our loans are 100% fully amortized. Some competitors’ loans are interest only. That means at the end of your payment schedule you still owe the entire loan amount. At Presto Auto Title Loans, every payment goes toward paying off your loan. You last payment is just that…your last payment!

The most experience:

Presto Auto Title Loans has been helping people with their cash needs for 50 years!  If we can’t help, no one can.